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Study finds Australian teens welcome religious diversity, but with caution

You can read more about our project findings in a press release from March this year, in which our research team discuss findings from our national survey. The first round of results from the study has shown that while many teenagers had a largely positive view of religion and religious diversity, a large number were concerned about the impact of religion on life in Australia. Teenagers hold positive views of different faith groups and religious diversity in Australia but opinion shifts when it comes to how religion impacts their lives and the lives of others. Read more >>

Religion in Australia: What are the Implications of 'None' being the New Normal?

In an article for ABC Religion and Ethics, Professor Gary Bouma discusses the increasing number of Australians declaring 'no religion' on the Census and the implications of this trend. Bouma notes that 'while association with formally organised religion is less plausible as it becomes less "normal," atheism and active rejection of religion have not become the norm. Overall people, especially young people, are quite accepting of the religious views, spiritualities and commitments of others, as long as no one tries to impose their teachings or norms on them.' Read more >>

Sociologist tackles "anti-gender" campaigns in 2017’s first Professorial Lecture

Ahead of her March 2017 College of Arts and Social Sciences Professorial Lecture Prof Mary Lou Rasmussen discusses the history of gender and sexuality in education, as well as contemporary debates emerging around programs like the Safe Schools initiative, which aims to create an inclusive environment for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and their families. Read more >>

Netpeace: Interfaith Service and Peacebuilding

In a 2016 article for Georgetown University’s Berkley Centre for Religion, Peace and World Affairs Forum, Dr. Anna Halafoff reflects on her research on young people’s attitudes to religious diversity and the benefits of interfaith initiatives and a diverse worldview education. Read more >>

Buddhism scripture teachers struggling to keep up with demand from state schools

Dr. Anna Halafoff was interviewed by Samantha Turnbull from ABC News in December 2016, discussing the popularity of Buddhism and the growth of 'a more individualised approach to religion'. Read more >>

Growing demand for Buddhist teachers in NSW schools

In 2016, as New South Wales public schools are struggling to keep up with the demand for teachers of Buddhism, Samantha Turnbull of ABC News speaks to Dr. Anna Halafoff about the growth of the faith. Read more >>

A Discussion with Anna Halafoff, Deakin University

In September 2016, Dr. Anna Halafoff was interviewed by the Berkeley Centre for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, Georgetown University about her efforts to improve the ways religious literacy training is incorporated into school curricula in Australia. Read more >>

What do young people think about religious diversity researchers set out to fill gap

Speaking to the Deakin University Research News in February 2016, Associate Professor Andrew Singleton and Dr. Anna Halafoff discuss the AGZ project and the importance of gaining 'sufficient empirical evidence to tell us what young Australian’s understanding is of diverse religions and beliefs'. Read more >>

Does God belong in School?

Speaking to Earshot ABC Radio National, Dr. Anna Halafoff comments on the role of religion in education, 5th February 2015. Read more >>

Religion should be taught Secularly in our Schools

In a 2014 article for The Conversation, Dr. Anna Halafoff and Dr. Catherine Byrne discuss the importance of religious literacy, as religion in schools was being debated once more in anticipation of findings from the controversial Review of the National Curriculum. Read more >>

A Question of Faith: Reforming Religious Education in Schools

Dr. Anna Halafoff and Dr. Sue Smith consider reforms to religious education in light of a ruling by a Victorian tribunal that found that the state department of education did not discriminate against children opting out of Special Religious Instruction (SRI) classes, in their 2012 article for The ConversationRead more >>

Time for change: A new role for religion in education

In the context of the High Court challenge verdict on funding chaplains in schools, Dr. Anna Halafoff argues Australia lags behind other nations in providing religious education that nurtures respect for religious diversity, in a 2012 article for The ConversationRead more >>

The SRI Status Quo is simply not Tenable,’ ABC Religion and Ethics Blog

In a 2011 article for ABC News, Dr. Anna Halafoff discusses the 'growing support for the proposal that all Australian children and young people in government schools should be taught about religions and ethics by qualified teachers, as opposed to receiving instruction into a particular faith tradition by volunteers.' Read more >>

Time to Review Religion in Schools

Emeritus Professor Gary Bouma and Dr. Anna Halafoff write about the importance of 'a shift from special religious instruction, as it is known in Victoria, currently taught be volunteers from mostly Christian communities in government schools, to a more inclusive form of religious education to be developed and taught by qualified educators', in a 2011 article on the ABC Religion and Ethics Blog. Read more >>


Submission to Religious Freedom Review

The Australia's Gen Zs research team made a submission to the Prime Minister's recent Religious Freedom Review. You can download a copy of the submission below, and read more about the review's findings here.

Submission to Senate Select Committee on Strengthening Multiculturalism

The research team also made a submission to the Senate's Select Committee on Strengthening Multiculturalism. You can download a copy of the submission below, and read the full report from the review here, in which the AGZs submission is referenced.

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