Sociology Seminar series

Sociology Seminar series

The School of Sociology Seminar Series attracts Australia's — and the world's — finest sociological scholars, and is a core activity in the School's thriving social and intellectual life. The seminar series offers a constructive though supportive and erudite environment for the dissemination of both preliminary and developed research ideas. Seminars generate healthy audiences and lively discussion, and provide opportunities for developing research synergies and the sociological perspective.


If you wish to have a paper considered for the series, please send a title, abstract, brief biography and preferred presentation date to the seminar coordinator.

Past events

Thinking with the Problem: Sociology and the Craft of Description

10 Dec 2018

Howard Becker’s methodological practice of description has been debated, critiqued and renewed in a range of fields including sociology, anthropology, cultural...

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Harm reduction, intoxication and pleasure

3 Dec 2018

This paper aims to raise some of the issues related to pleasure and harm reduction. For example, are these two concepts at odds with each other, or can...

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‘Penetration, masturbation, ejaculation!’ – Lessons learned from facilitating sexual pleasure workshops with self-defining women in England

14 Nov 2018

This seminar will critically explore my own experience of delivering sexual pleasure workshops to self-defining women in different locations in the North of...

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Protecting Reputation in a Digital Age: Perspectives from Canadian Young People

13 Nov 2018

Providing legal remedies for defamation has historically been one of the primary ways in which common law has supported people in protecting their reputations...

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‘Imposter Syndrome’ and the Career Course: Striking out a Claim

5 Nov 2018

This paper re-visits ‘imposter syndrome’ in connection to contemporary debates on academic career categories, and explores how contested categories such as ‘...

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Historical trauma and the politics of epigenetic hope in Indigenous Australia

18 Oct 2018

This presentation examines the recent uptake of epigenetic discourses by Indigenous Australians. While genetics has historically been rejected by First Nation...

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The ‘biopolitics’ of housing first: governing chronic homelessness in Canada

15 Oct 2018

Since the mid 2000s, Housing First has become a prevalent public response to homelessness in North American cities and is now gaining increasing attention...

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After unity, autonomy: Monsanto and the remaking of corporate power

8 Oct 2018

The political influence of corporations has long been understood in terms of an image of unity. Corporate power has been seen as a function of the cohesion...

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Beyond Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear: Acquiescence, Value Calculus, and the Digital Practices of Affluent Surveillance Subjects

24 Sep 2018

A common response to digital surveillance is the ‘nothing to hide, nothing to fear’ (NTHNTF) argument, which suggests only those with something to hide should...

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Advocating for Life Itself

3 Sep 2018

Crowdfunding in times of personal crisis – especially for medical expenses – has grown exponentially in recent years. How have public narrative appeals for...

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