Graduated PhD Students

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Christopher Chevalier
Content and Context: Connecting Oral History and Social History in Solomon Islands

Philippa Barter

Marian Figueroa
The Gap between Expectations and Reality: The Performance of Local Non-Governmental Organizations in the Education Sector of Honduras

Gemma Killen
Queer Belonging: Digital, Embodied and Imagined Community at

Miranda Bruce
The Internet of Individuation


Tonina Louise Staunton
Cloud computing: adoption barriers and enablers for government

Allan Yates
Hidden in plain sight: Perceptions and experiences of corruption in New South Wales local government

Benjamin McGowan
Private conservation in policy and practice in Australia's National Reserve System

Joseph McCarthy
The Greening of Red Cadres: economic development and ecological modernisation policy discourse in the People's Republic of China

Heleen Kruger
The social and institutional aspects of industry-driven fruit fly area-wide management in Australian horticulture industries


Savitha Balu
The Organisational Salience and the Perceived Influence of Operational Safety Professionals An examination of Hopkins’ hypothesis that decentralised hierarchical structures limit the capacity of technical experts and specialists to promote operational safety priorities in corporate decision-making processes

Phillip Ho
Understanding how Australian pipeline and major hazard facility regulators conceptualise ‘reasonably practicable’

Briony Lipton
Briony's PhD thesis explores the relationship between women, feminism, and university leadership in Australia.


Seyed Ehsen Tavakoli Nabavi
More-than-water, more-than-human: a transdisciplinary sociology of water conflict in central Iran

Benjamin Chapman-Schmidt
The Transnational Governance of Human Trafficking in Japan

Jennifer Beattie
"Gatekeepers" of abortion in Australia: Abortion law and the protection of doctors

Anne Webster
Adopting-out, the Unchoice in Contemporary Australia


Clare Southerton
Impersonal Intimacy: Habit and the Mobile Digital Device

Anna Tsalapatanis
Understanding Citizenship: Bureaucracy, Imaginaries, and Encounters of Address

Dolruedee Kramnaimuang
Power-Knowledge and the Performativity of Risk Regulation in the Australian Pipeline Industry

Helen Law
Manifestations of Gendered Cultures – Mathematics Self-Concept and the Worldwide Gender Segregation in Education

Tim Barrett
The Comparative Sociology of Disabled Masculinities: A Bourdieusian Analysis of Autobiographies by Men with Spinal Cord Injuries and Autism Spectrum Conditions

Mr Irsyad Zamjani
Dancing with Legitimacy: Globalisation, Educational Decentralisation, and the State in Indonesia

 Ms Emily Longstaff
'Dark' side of the MOOC: Shedding light on the construction, culture and consequences of an emerging social movement

Dr Kaima Negishi
“Modulating the face for control: Understanding smiling, comfort and security in Japanese Railway Stations”

Justin Iu
Social Networks and Financial Exclusion in Australia: Experiences with Microfinance and Life Outside the Mainstream


Catherine Ayres
Vibrant landscapes: encounters, ecologies, and politics of national parks in Australia

Matthew Wade
Intensive Labours, Expansive Visions: Emerging ideals of the ethical subject amidst the rise of cognitive neuroscience

Ki Hong Chon
Cybercrime Precursors: Towards a Model of Offender Resources

Maree Collins
New World, Old Frontiers: An Ecological Perspective on the Problem of Attraction and Retention of Statutory Child Protection Workers in the West

Janet Congues
Women's Recollection of Farming and Managing for Drought in Australia during 2006-2010: What Role for Local Government?

Kirk Zwangobani
Convivial Multiculture and the Perplication of Race: The Dynamics of Becoming African Australian.


Ellie Kirk
Nothing to Lose? An Ethnography of Gambling in Clubs

Jingjing Shen
The Socio-Political Activism of Chinese Community Organisations in Canberra and Sydney

Susan Marsh
It's Not Cold Money It's Warm Money': Microcredit and Empowerment in the Case of the New Zealand Women's Loan Fund

Hannah McCann
Re-Reading the Feminine Present: Affective and Queer Transformations


Hedda Ransan-Cooper
"It's Hard but It's for My Family": Mobility and Environmental Change in the Rural Philippines.

Nikki Moodie
The Downside of Social Capital

Alison Plumb
Euthanasia Politics in the Australian State and Territorial Parliaments

Sarah Spiller
Participatory Development, Cambodia

Mei Ling Wong
Risk in the Making: A Case Study of Nuclear Power in India

Janecke Wille
Thesis: "A Tree is not a Tree without its Leaves..." Exploring Integration and Belonging among South Sudanese Australians in Canberra


Heba Batainah
Muslim Belonging in Australia

Vicky Wing-Kit Yau
Cancer from a spatial perspective : locating the unspeakable, healing, and hope

Ghada Mohamed Wadeisa
The caliph, the imam and the mates


Vicki Sandilands
Palestinian Suicide Terrorism: A Sociological Study

Vanessa McDermott
The Social Construction of the Anti Doping Debate: Crisis of Legitimacy, Moral Panics and Folk Devils?

Sarojini Martin
The Effects of Funding Programs for international Research Collaboration in the Life Sciences

Sarah Maslen
Making Sense: A sociology of knowledge approach to hearing sound

Sudeepa Abeysinghe
Social Constructions and Relations to the H1N1 Pandemic


Daphnee Hui Lin Lee
From Cradle to Playpen: The management of Chineseness in developmental state Singapore

Ekashanti Sumartojo
Nationalism and Urbanisation

Emily Rose
Personal communications during the work day: ICT use and the changing relationship of work and personal life


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