Sociology Seminar series

Sociology Seminar series

The School of Sociology Seminar Series attracts Australia's — and the world's — finest sociological scholars, and is a core activity in the School's thriving social and intellectual life. The seminar series offers a constructive though supportive and erudite environment for the dissemination of both preliminary and developed research ideas. Seminars generate healthy audiences and lively discussion, and provide opportunities for developing research synergies and the sociological perspective.


If you wish to have a paper considered for the series, please send a title, abstract, brief biography and preferred presentation date to the seminar coordinator.

Past events

Sociology HDR application workshop

21 May 2019

The School of Sociology is holding an informal workshop for anyone interested in applying to do a PhD with us. Please come along to find out more about the...

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Dr Luke Bearup: Protecting Victims (of the Discourses) of Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery

20 May 2019

Increasingly the rhetoric of modern slavery is being deployed alongside that of human trafficking, as a means of addressing various forms of injustice and...

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Dr Peter Nugus: Who has the right to speak for the public’s health?

24 Apr 2019

Social scientific research on medical education, particularly from a sociological perspective, has grown considerably in the last two decades, given the...

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The Real Estate Foothold in the Holy Land: Transnational Gentrification in Jerusalem

15 Apr 2019

Gentrification theory blames the widening and transnationalisation of the phenomenon on the global commodification of housing and the emergence of a ‘planetary...

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How to get off a platform: sociological exit strategies

25 Feb 2019

What or who will be on a platform? Reliance on platforms across education, government, media, sciences, health, civil society and almost any social field...

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Tracking fertility, biosensing hormones: what is at stake for bodies, sexualities and sex/gender?

18 Feb 2019

Fertility- and hormonal- biosensing are becoming increasingly widespread across the global North. Multiple devices and apps, and their associated platforms,...

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Towards a Fan-Observation Analysis

4 Feb 2019

The following argument develops an analytical framework to identify and investigate media-fandom observations sui generis. To accomplish this, the project’s...

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Thinking with the Problem: Sociology and the Craft of Description

10 Dec 2018

Howard Becker’s methodological practice of description has been debated, critiqued and renewed in a range of fields including sociology, anthropology, cultural...

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Harm reduction, intoxication and pleasure

3 Dec 2018

This paper aims to raise some of the issues related to pleasure and harm reduction. For example, are these two concepts at odds with each other, or can...

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‘Penetration, masturbation, ejaculation!’ – Lessons learned from facilitating sexual pleasure workshops with self-defining women in England

14 Nov 2018

This seminar will critically explore my own experience of delivering sexual pleasure workshops to self-defining women in different locations in the North of...

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